"The Progressive Drummer Series' comprehensiveness is as impressive as its' quantity and quality"--Modern Drummer Magazine

Gary has put together a great collection of drum studies that covers everything a beginner to advanced drummer needs to further his or her understanding of the world of drumming. The lessons are easy to follow, and I've found them helpful in my own practices. A must for all drummers! Mike Cullens (Mick Taylor, NY session king)

 "Thanks for all of your time with the lesson today. You are such a great teacher and Gordon is growing each time in his confidence thanks to your guidance." ---Jill

"Gary Rosensweig Drumset Books - These fun and educational drum books by drumset artist, Gary Rosensweig are all the music books you need and contain the most "quality" content available for drums. The Drumset Books Series will teach drummers how to read drum music, how to play the rudiments, how to play different music styles on drumset (rock, blues, Latin, R&B, reggae, jazz), how to play advanced beats and rhythms, how to impress your friends and more!"
----Drum Bum

"The man is a true professional. He arrived to rehearsal prepared, and then proceeded to blow us all away at the concert. His timing and sense of feel is hypnotic. And his chops are amazing." ---Marie

"Mr. R is an awesome teacher. He has been teaching me for 6 years and I am learning more at every lesson. I hope he teaches for many, many years"---Ed

"I love these books!! They have EVERYTHING. I use them exclusively with my students. My hats off to a brilliant  and organized writer" ----Sean

Hi Gary,
I want to thank you for giving JJ his first drum lesson from you tonight. He absolutely enjoyed the*#@* out of it. I sat and talked to JJ after we got home. We talked about the stuff you were showing him, how it applies to being a MUSICAL drummer, not just a drummer. I think I'd like for JJ to take regular lessons from you. He likes you, and he mentioned that he learned a lot in just one hour (like I did).  I didn't know it was going to turn out as well as it did, and I'm very thankful for that. Thanks again, JP

Hi Gary, you may remember me from when I sent you an email praising your Reading Rhythms book. This is still the easiest, best written and most thorough book I own.  Thank you, Larry

Hey Gary, great drum solo at Hard Times the other night. You inspire me to keep getting better so I can give you a run for your money some day...Paul

"These books are so awesome. There is enough to learn for a lifetime. I will always grab these off the shelves first. Well done Gary!"-----Hatham

Gary taught me to play for real. I studied with him back in the 80's. I am now a full-time professional musician. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be here, living this life, if it wasn't for Gary. He not only gave me the tools to be a competent drummer, he taught me how to be musical. He also gave me the confidence to persist and succeed in a very tough business. If you are thinking of learning to play the drums the right way, you owe it to yourself to study with this man. And for all you drummers who want to reach that next level, you'll get there the fastest with Gary's methods.
Mr R, god bless you! ---------Jim T

The guy has soul in every inch of his body. When Gary grooves, people dance. Period.------Kaylen B

Gary, thank you for donating your children's books to our program. The kids love story time, and they are all learning!! ---RBR

Gary is not only an awesome teacher, but an awesome person as well. I've been playing drums for 58 years now and I still learned a lot by taking lessons from him. My 21-year-old son has progressed by leaps and bounds from Gary's lessons.... JOHN